How to Get Your Child Practising Music (Without Nagging)

Get them practising at least 4 times a week by applying quick & easy science-backed strategies. Save time & money by stopping what's not working, and set healthy boundaries (without sacrificing love & respect).

Tuesdays 8PM
Live Digital Class

Saturdays 8PM
Live Q&A

Sundays 8PM
Free Bonus—Mindfulness
For Busy Parents

All sessions feature a 5-minute 'quick fix' at the beginning, followed by the full teaching on the week's theme.All sessions are recorded, so you don't have to attend live.Questions can be dropped in community chat at any time. All will be answered in the Saturday session.Mindfulness course optional (but super beneficial!)

How to Transform Your Child Into a Music Superhero (with Just 5 Minutes a Week)
How to Beat Your Child's Screen-Time Addiction (and Win Back Their Natural Motivation)
How to Get The Real Value From a £14980 Investment in Music Lessons
How to Shape Your Child's Behaviour Using Proven Psychology (Without Being 'Bad Cop')
How to Supercharge Music Practice with Curiosity, Inspiration & Enjoyment
How to Stick to Your Guns (Without Sacrificing Love & Respect)
How to Show Your Child that Responsibility Equals Freedom


  • FREE lifetime membership (attend all future courses as a post-graduate)

  • FREE 'Family Contract' template (to help when they want more screen-time)

  • FREE visual music study aids

  • FREE goal-setting & tracking charts (to celebrate their successes 🥳)

  • FREE 'cheat sheets' (to remember your new psychology & mindfulness hacks)

  • FREE 78 mindfulness talks & guided meditations

Early Bird Price 🐣
£139 £27 per week

(as a one-time payment of £189)

If your child isn't practising music at least 4x per week by the end of the course, you'll be entitled to a full refund (or I'll work with you one-to-one until we get them there).

I want to understand your child's challenges before we begin working together. A quick video call gives us a chance to get to know one another, and pin down how I can help you best.

We also work with families one-to-one 🤝
Schedule a call with Danny to find out more.

Imagine your child practising music every day, doing their homework and brushing their teeth, without ever being nagged or thinking you're ruining their fun...

My mission started with Felix, a 5-year old drummer with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In Felix's first lesson, he spent 25 of his 30 minutes hiding under a chair!Out of necessity, his mother and I formed a tight bond, which would turn out to benefit us all in ways we couldn't have imagined.We worked together to create strategies that would get Felix to the drum kit without a fight, and this got us results that extended way beyond the practice room.Felix learned to value delayed gratification, handle his emotions, express his thoughts, and respect himself and his family. In the end, he got pretty good on the drums, too!So it was a no-brainer for me: I had to refine what I was doing and offer it to more families.

I collaborated extensively with my team—a neuropsychologist and a former monk. They contributed scientific evidence, and time-proven practical methods to support my discoveries 🧠🧘

I started working more often with whole families throughout the whole week, instead of just my students in their 30-minute session. The results were always remarkable.Now, you might think this sounds like a lot. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just take your child to their music lesson each week and then get on with everything else in your busy life?In a way, yes, but—
a) that's not working (or you wouldn't be here), and
b) you'd be leaving a TONNE of enrichment on the table—for your child, yourself, and the rest of your family.
Felix ended up with better grades at school, improved social skills, and tighter family bonds.His mother already had the patience of a Saint, but she found even more ways to help Felix through our working together, and we brought Felix's dad on-board, too.Best of all, we all developed a deep friendship, based on understanding, trust, and kindness.

But I have good news for you: you don't have to come and see me, and you can finally get the real benefit of all those music lessons you're paying for!

Every music teacher I've spoken with over 20 years in the business has struggled with their students not practising between lessons.And I was the same, until Felix came into my life, gave me a reason to apply my mindfulness skills in new ways, and showed me how I could lead every student to success.I'm going to teach you to eliminate distractions, positively shape your child's behaviour, and make learning fun, easy, and enriching.I'm going to show you how to lead with clear direction and strong purpose—and all without sacrificing love and respect (no more playing 'bad cop'!)But, best of all, I'm going to teach you how to inspire and encourage your young musician to be the best version of themselves.With these ingredients in place, the rest is easy: there are literally MILLIONS of videos on YouTube teaching the technical aspects of music, and you'll know how to get the full value from your child's music teacher.

Once you know this information, it's yours forever and, I assure you, it'll equip you to supercharge your child's development in all areas of life—and grow closer than ever as you do.So if you want to help your child excel in all their learning—without ever having to nag them again—schedule your digital coffee below.

Meet the Team

Danny Cox
Course Presenter

Danny's been teaching music for over 20 years in schools, colleges, universities, and his own studios.He's performed all over the world with music legends like Roni Size, but found his real passion in teaching.He's completed a 4-year course in educational theory & personal development, and is a lineaged mindfulness teacher.

'Danny's lessons have had major impact beyond the studio walls. For example, how to accept the mistakes in our daily life, how to persevere and so much more!' - Kati Dobor

'My son can find it incredibly difficult to concentrate at times, to remain focused and quite often even to sit still. He can be quite hard to reach. Danny made it a priority right from the beginning to establish a solid, trusting relationship with my son. Not only is Danny my son’s teacher, he has become a trusted adult to my son and also offers great support to me.' - Pippa Dove

'Danny is an exceptional teacher. He's kind, attentive and motivating—and he finds creative ways to encourage his students get really engaged with their learning.' - Jenny Dance

Debbie Chakraborty
Resident Neuropsychologist

Debbie devoted 8 years to the study of psychology, and is one of few people in the world to have earned a Masters degree in the new field of Applied Neuropsychology (the marriage of brain science with the study of human behaviour).She's a strong advocate for research-driven multidisciplinary treatment, and the growing body of evidence supporting the benefits of mindfulness practice.

'I've yet to meet anyone so keen as Debbie to back up their assertions with proper scientific evidence. She's thorough, principled, and willing to put many more hours into her work than I imagine she's paid for.' - Leanne Fernlea

'Debbie's passion for understanding and treating the human mind is infectious.' - Raoul Thomas

'Debbie has a keen eye for what really counts in research data, and she knows how to apply it. I'd bring her onto any mental health team in a heartbeat.' - Daniel Silverthorne

Mindfulness Consultant

Dhammarato lived for 8 years as an ascetic monk in the famous Wat Suan Mokkh monastery in Thailand, alongside its equally famous founder, Bhikkhu Buddhadasa.Dhammarato teaches mindfulness in a practical, non-religious style, with emphases on joy, contentment and friendship.

'Dhammarato's teaching changed my life, though he'd never take credit for it. He'd spend hours with me, talking over my deepest problems, and he never wanted anything in return. The most I've ever been able to give him is a box of teabags!' - Brian Kirk

'Thank you, Dhammarato, for shining the light of mindfulness into my life. I'm happier, calmer, and more effective in everything I do. You won't let me pay it back, so I'm going to pay it forward.' - Anna Hale

In this modern landscape of fake gurus, we're so lucky to have Dhammarato among us. Few are the number who left the West to live the monastic life for real. Dhammarato brings the lessons he learned the hard way and gives them to us with a smile and a belly laugh! - Francesco Firenze


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